At DruXal Health we strive to offer affordable care to underserved communities with exceptional digital healthcare services. Here are some of the ways we help our network’s patients, payors, and providers:

Annual Wellness Visits
Access to annual wellness visits helps improve health outcomes while reducing healthcare costs. By becoming a DruXal member, you can have virtual checkups when you need them, for an affordable price. We match you with specialists that assist patients like you and understand your unique conditions.

Principal Care Management
Our healthcare plans are customized to your individual needs. We have disease-specific care plans for those with pre-existing conditions, which lead to improved health outcomes. Our approach to principal care management helps care providers track their time spent while managing patient’s single high-risk conditions.

Transitional Care Management
If you need to transition from virtual to hospital or community-based settings, we help you with that. DruXal reduces the need for unnecessary readmissions, cutting down time our patients spend in traditional healthcare setting. You’ll only receive the care you need in the setting where it must take place, reducing the cost of transportation while seeing a medical provider.

Behavior Health Management
Underserved communities often have both physical and behavioral healthcare needs. We integrate behavioral healthcare with primary care for our patients. This provides a comprehensive solution for community residents, who can turn to one virtual solution to address a multitude of needs. Plus, it boosts remissions and recovery rates for those with behavior health challenges.

Medication Therapy Management
Do you worry about rising medication costs for treating your short- and long-term health conditions? DruXal provides medication therapy management services, where we review your personal medication record. From there, we will make an action plan and find medication solutions that achieve the same healthcare results, for a fraction of the price. Afterwards, we follow up to ensure that everything is going well.

Member Outreach & Coordination
DruXal makes it easier to communicate with medical professionals that can help you and your family. We have several ways to provide outreach and coordination services you need, by scheduling appointments, conducting health appraisals, offering member orientation, and more.

Partner with an organization that values your relationship. DruXal strives to build and maintain meaningful connections with local healthcare providers, insurance companies, and community members that want to make it easier to access affordable health services. If you want to bring virtual and in-person healthcare services to underserved
communities around the nation, then you’re the perfect candidate.

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Staying healthy requires a community. Join us!

Helping others in your community, not just annual checkups, is what keeps us all healthy. Partner with us if you’re ready to do your part for those you see every day. DruXal helps patients receive more than just healthcare services. Our community partners connect members to vital resources, such as employment, mental health groups, and housing.

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