Welcome To Druxal Health

Our mission is to make it easier for patients to receive the comprehensive care they need, while also improving the system for payors and providers within our healthcare network.

Why Use DruXal Health?

The current system makes it impossible for underserved communities to receive the quality of care and patient experience they require. We’re working to fix that, by focusing on:

Integrated Care

We have the platform and infrastructure to connect payors to providers and providers to each other, while sharing risk for outcomes.


Value Based Outcomes

We align expand access to value-based programs among existing and new healthcare constituents.



Our robust analytics enable us to focus resources where and when they’re needed — from identifying patients to driving interventions across sites of care


Call DruXal Team

We are an ever-growing family of medical experts who share the same goal of providing exceptional medical care to our communities. If you share the same vision, wed like to have you on our team! Come meet some of our team members and get a feel of how you too can help give professional healthcare.