We’re changing the way that communities think about collaborative care.

Inefficiencies within today’s healthcare sector are leading to negative patient outcomes and leaving vulnerable communities without access to quality care. Fortunately, our approach to providing collaborative clinical, behavioral, and other forms of care follows a unique strategy to help individuals lead happier, healthier lives.

DruXal collaborates with insurance providers, service providers, and health plans, bringing healthcare to more areas of the nation.

Everything begins with relationships. We secure contracts with health plans, assign plan members to our health coverage DruXal Health, implement improved collaborative care structures, and show how our digital health company drives better health outcomes than the traditional system. Your needs and your health are the reason we work to improve the healthcare system.

Implementing in-person coordination centers throughout the United States.

To deliver services to underserved communities, we realize the importance of building coordination centers that compliment our digital healthcare offerings. Right now, 18 million people live in medical underserved areas, and within medically underserved populations. Our mission at DruXal is to change this, with both digital and physical locations where you can meet with top medical professionals about your needs.